Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's been a looooong day

Hello world.

Today was the Nashvegas Craft Fair in East Nashville. It was terribly hot and sticky and gross, but fun to be there nonetheless. We weathered some rain, which cooled us down for a little bit, but then it got hotter than before. I ended up selling a couple things, but not until I started packing up. I had a Sounds game to get to, so I started to pack up my stuff around 4:00 after Amanda got there to help. The eldest owl was adopted, and a pair of birdie button earrings were purchased. I rushed home, got all cleaned up, and headed to Greer Stadium and met up with my friends. We got in 2.5 innings, I think, before it started POURING. I got thoroughly drenched on my way to my car. Not fun. A few hours later, I am dry and all unpacked from the fair. I will try to update the store this week with some of the items that did not sell at the fair.

Please keep my mom and the rest of my family in your prayers as she is going in for surgery on Monday. They are working on the arteries in her kidneys. The doctors think this procedure will help to lower her ridiculously, crazy, high blood pressure.

Thanks, and have a great night!